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Learn the nuances of the game from someone who knows


Junior lessons

Learn how to practice to lower your scores, how to manage your game and how to rely on your swing.

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70/30 Club

The 70/30 Club originated from practice habits I have learned from some of the greatest golfers in the world.   It's a fact that in a round of golf, approximately 70% of your shots for the entire day are played from inside 120 yards. 70%!  Yet I still see juniors head to the range to spend 100% of their time on their long game.   What about practicing your scoring game?  At the 70/30 Club, you will spend 30% of your time learning and getting to know your golf swing on the driving range and the golf course. Obviously, this is an important part of your golf game but what's going to separate you from someone with the same skill level?  It's your short game.   At the 70/30 Club we will spend 70% of your time on your short game. Learning how to pitch, chip, master any bunker shot and become a great putter, all with the ultimate goal of lowering your scores and reaching the next level. And as always, we spend 100% of our time on the mental game.


Inside the ropes

Learn what it takes to get to the next level. Take advantage of Mark's knowledge and experience from over 30 years of Tour golf. Get to know the nuances of the game from "inside the ropes".

Juniors: Classes
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