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Marlo Bramlett
Bramlett College Golf Prep

“Simplify It” is the best way to understand Mark and his instruction process. How to
become a better player from a player’s standpoint. I am very cautious when finding
the right instructor for any of our players. After having several conversations with
Mark regarding how he could assist our players with getting better, I was sold. I
typically sit in on the first couple of sessions with a player and their instructor. My
first impression on the first lesson that I sat in on was “Wow”. What a breath of
fresh air. Mark’s basic questions: Why are you here and what are you trying to
achieve? This all leads to let’s get you better on the range, short game area, or the
putting green. Next, Mark takes the player onto the course so the player can
actually understand how to apply what they have learned during the practice
Results are the easiest way to evaluate Mark. Every one of our players simply got
better under Mark’s tutelage. Whether he was working with players on their overall
game and golf swing, or a specific area of their game such as short game, putting,
or course management, they simply got “Better”. An example of this was Kevin
Sze. Mark got involved with Kevin’s putting, short game, and course management.
Kevin’s rankings went from 600 overall on JGS to 105 overall on JGS in less than
six months. Another example was Davis McDowell, who was ranked 1500 overall
on JGS and dropped to 500 overall on JGS within a nine-month period. I can’t take
away the work that a player put in with Mark’s help, but Mark definitely expedited
the process. His ability to connect with the players during the lesson was huge.
If you are looking for an instructor to sit in a hitting bay and keep telling you what
you’re doing with your golf swing, Mark can do that. If you’re looking for an
instructor that can make you a better player, Mark is the guy!

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